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Alignment has always been a major problem in connecting objects using tube or pipe fittings. Now you can have true alignment without being in line.

Tru-Fit Alignment Fittings overcome many limitations of prior fitting designs.

Prior designs allow for one directional alignment at point of contact between the fitting and the mating part. If the two objects being connected were offset (not in a straight line) then bending of the tube, pipe, or rod would need to be done in order to properly align the two objects. This is somewhat like an airplane making a final approach to an airport runway.

With this process there is always stress (tension) within all parts used, including the two parts being connected. There will be either a pushing or pulling force between the two objects. The tubes, pipes, or rods always have variables which make it impossible to produce two parts exactly alike.

Even with the standard tolerances given in the manufacturing process there is still stress created when the connection is made. Some of these variables are wall thickness variation, material hardness, diameter variation, and length of part variation.

These variables add to the amount of stress created in the connection. The two objects being connected are most likely to be stationary so the flexibility must come from the tube and or fittings. Prior designs limit this greatly needed flexibility.

The Tru-Fit tube fittings and pipe fittings allow connections to be made from various radial axis. It has a unique mating contact surface which is spherical (circular) or semicircular in nature. It is of a male and female mating type nature, similar to a ball and socket construction. One allowing the other to swivel prior to tightening. One could call this a swivel fitting. If the fitting is male then the mating part is female in nature, and vice versa. It may include fitting, nut, and a tube flare or ferrule, all of which are circular in nature.

Tru-Fit tube fittings and pipe fittings allow for a multiple of directional alignments at point of contact between the fitting and the mating part. If two objects being connected were offset, (not in a straight line), using the Tru-Fit design fittings could possibly eliminate the need for bending of the tube or pipe.

One reason for bending would be to navigate around other objects between the two being connected. By using Tru-Fit fittings on both ends of the tube or pipe, and one somewhere in between, stress in, and between the two objects connected, would not occur.

Tru-Fit fittings allow much more tolerance between the two objects being connected. Telescoping tube configurations using Tru-Fit tube and pipe fittings may be used also.

PVC fittings and PVC pipe, could be manufactured with this process also.

This type of fitting could be called ball and socket fitting, swivel fitting, rotating fitting, ball and socket tube fitting, ball and socket pipe fitting, ball and socket rotating fitting, swivel tube fitting, swivel pipe fitting, ball and socket tube fittings, ball and socket fittings, ball and socket pipe fittings, ball and socket rotating fittings, swivel fittings, swivel tube fittings, swivel pipe fittings, orbital fitting, orbital fittings, alignment fitting, alignment fittings, pivot fitting, pivotal fitting, pivot fittings, and pivotal fittings, telescoping tube fitting, telescoping tube fittings, telescoping fitting, telescoping fittings, telescoping pipe fittings, telescoping pipe fitting, special tube fitting, special tube and pipe fitting, special tube fittings, special tube and  fittings, special pipe fittings, special pipe fitting, specialty tube fitting, specialty tube fittings, specialty tube and pipe fitting, specialty tube and pipe fittings, special fitting, special fittings, specialty fitting, specialty fittings, hydraulic tube fittings, hydraulic pipe fittings, fluid line connectors, liquid line connectors, custom tube fittings, custom pipe fittings, air line fittings, hydraulic line fittings, hydraulic fittings, air fittings, pvc fittings, pvc pipe fittings.

With the use of Tru-Fit Alignment tube and pipe fittings the following may be obtained:

  1. Tru-Fit Alignment tube and pipe fittings can produce stress-free connections between two objects being connected.
  2. Any radial axis connection can be made using a male Tru-Fit Alignment fitting with a female Tru-Fit Alignment nut.
  3. With the use of Tru-Fit Alignment fittings there may be no pushing or pulling force between the objects being connected.
  4. Tru-Fit Alignment fittings will allow greater dimensional tolerances between objects to be connected.
  5. The use of Tru-Fit Alignment fittings and nuts may in some cases eliminate the need for bending of the tube or pipe.
  6. Tru-Fit Alignment fittings and nuts may mate with a flared tube of a prior design by others and still have the rotating axis ability as using a Tru-Fit Alignment type flare.
These features of the Tru-Fit Alignment fittings will be apparent from this set of detailed pictures and descriptions.

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