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Bible with Strong's embedded  is new and it's good. Installed 09-18-18. Click here to download Bibles or entire web-site.

In my studies, I use a standard King James Version Bible, Along with a Strong's Exhaustive concordance. I often refer to other works, such as, The Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger, the Interlinear Bible by Jay P. Green SR, Smith's Bible Dictionary, a Merriam Webster Ninth Collegiate Edition Dictionary, along with a Noah Webster's 1828 Edition. Most of my research work is done using Quick-Verse 4.0 Bible computer software. Clicking here, or on Bible Study Index above, or on either picture will take you to the Bible Studies Index.

My latest Bible Study is The World. December, 2014

Click here or on the left picture to go to the Bible Index. From there you can go to the different books of the Bible. Instructions are on the bottom of the Index page. The indented paragraphs include Strong's definitions, verse references, and my comments, in italics. My comments are just that, comments. After doing a Bible study on, Why The King James, I decided to add this to my site.

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My intent for these brief outlines is to instill a desire to read the Bible. They're not intended to replace the reading of the IT. Only to assist. Click on writing to the left or right to go to each.

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