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Evolution In Disguise

This study turned out to be a book. It's in PDF format so just click here to view the entire file or save it to your computer. The introduction explains what the study is about so I included it on this page. Today's date is 11-20-2018 and you see the date at the start of the introduction is 08-26-2008. Other than me personally knowing some of the presenters of this seminar, I don't really know why I've waited all these years to put this on my web-site. People do need to know what is being taught in some of our Christian churches.


Recently I was asked to attend a seminar. The person doing the asking , is a close friend, and has always been concerned for my soul, of which I am very grateful. This friend knows that my beliefs are not quite the same as it appears most Christian's are. I think she was wanting to do me a big favor and help me out spiritually. My wife and I attended and enjoyed the evening very much. Two speakers, each giving their presentation. Very impressive I might add. Both are very respected doctors in our town. Men of integrity, well known, and liked. The first, a surgeon, did a masterful job in his presentation, keeping the audience spellbound, including me. I have seen these presentations done on television by others, but somehow they just never held my attention. This night was different. The next doctor got up and did another work of art in his presentation. All eyes and ears were on him. You could hear a pin drop. Both presentations were full of great computer generated graphics, pictures, with striking detail. The first doctor explained how man was made and how most of us only see the beauty that's on the outside. But him being a surgeon, when he parts the skin and gets inside, that's where he sees the real beauty of man. The fabulous design work that God has done. He did a magnificent job in describing how the body functions and when he was through no one could deny that God hadn't created man. To me the second doctor's presentation gave more detail on what their mission was all about. Much scientific data on the human races, only he stated there was only one race. That all of mankind had descended from Adam and Eve and that all the genes for all the races were in them. He went on to describe skin color, how that was determined, and stuff like that. How the confusing of the languages at the tower of Babel played an important role of the races, and that migration of the peoples helped in the cause of them looking so different. What he was describing, I felt had evolutionary overtones to it. It didn't have overtones of evolution, what he was describing was evolution. Also it became obvious to me that he was indicating that interracial marriage was ok with God. Well like I said they were very impressive. As a matter of fact, that was quickly becoming what was so impressive to me. That they were so impressive and that the people were so impressed. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here I was, sitting in the middle of a Christian Church, and this kind of influence taking place. Over the next few days I was kinda bewildered by it all and my friend told one of the doctors that I didn't believe in some of the things he taught. He gave her a writing to give to me, I guess to help my poor wayward soul. It was primarily about the flood of Noah. Telling her that most people didn't read the Bible, I guess pointing that statement toward me. Upon reviewing the article, it was obvious to me that whoever wrote it did a poor job of connecting things in the article with the proper verses in the Bible. I responded in writing and like him, returned it by proxy, my friend. I haven't heard from him yet but I decided to find the information, so I got on the internet and just typed in what I thought was a significant sentence in the writing he gave me, and sure enough, immediately it popped up. The same identical paper, only a little more involved. I found it just about where I thought I would. I then decided to look for the data he used in his seminar. Sure enough, there it was. That's when I decided to do a little Bible research and that's what led to this writing.

I realize there are lots of people who have this attitude, "My mind's already made up, don't confuse me with facts." Please don't take that attitude with this book. Read it first.

Chapter six is an article from Stanford University. In my opinion it helps greatly for one to understand what is going on in evolution and population genetics. It also confirmed my opinions about the preceding chapters, which is really what I have written about. I have color coded certain words or phrases in chapters three and four which relate to words and phrases in this article. Just match the colors and you'll have it. I want you to note the number of times these words or phrases are used.

The photo below is part of the introduction to the book. I have color coded some words throughout the book to hopefully help clarify.
Click here to view the entire book

Thanks, for allowing me, to share this with you. Remember, to always, study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

In His Word,
Art Porter

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