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Item no. CD-0144.  Two audio bible studies. 49 minutes long.

1. Voting, Mortgages, The Raising of Taxes, and Spreading The Wealth Around. ... Are there Bible scriptures that could possibly pertain to our presidential election of 2008? YES.

2. In Just 92 Years. ... June 6th, 2009: On this, the 65th anniversary of D-DAY, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past 92 years of world history, and how it relates to this Great country, the United States. THE RISE OF COMMUNISM.

Item no. CD-0149.  Three audio bible studies.  41 minutes long.

1. Fragmentation. ... Is Christianity a fragmented religion?

2. End Time Medications. ... What is one of the biggest problems in the world today? Drugs. Whether legal or illegal. And by today, I mean the early 21st. century, (2009). Does God's Word have anything to say about these things? Yes It does.

3. A Pure Language. ... The Bible tells of a confounded, (or confused), language. We'll examine some scripture, that I feel, tells of it's total removal. ... Replaced with A Pure Language.

Item no. CD-0146.   One audio bible study. 34 Minutes long.

1. Why The King James? ... Though I have several translations of the Bible, I choose to stay with the time tested King James Version along with the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. I have my reasons for doing so.

Item no. CD-0140.   One audio bible study. 69 minutes long.

1. A Son Gone Wrong. ... In this study I want to compare three individuals. Sons that went wrong.

Item no. CD-0156.   One audio bible study. 58 minutes long.

1. No Fault Churches. ... In the book of Revelation, Jesus tells of seven churches, of which, only two, He finds no fault with. That should send up some sorta flag. A signal. A notice or warning to us. What does this signify? What's the importance of this?

Item no. CD-0135.   One audio bible study. 35 minutes long.

1. After You Have Suffered A While. ... After reading this Bible study, one might wonder, Do I really want to follow this Jesus? Do I Really want to be a Christian? You know the Ole saying, "If it was easy everyone would be doing it".

Item no. CD-0143.   One audio bible study. 1 hr. and 31 minutes long.

1. The Second Beast. ... For there to be a second beast, there must also be a first. Both are well described in the Bible. The first appears in Revelation 13:1 and the second in Revelation 13:11. Just who or what are these beast?

Item no. CD-0145.   One audio bible study. 28 minutes long.

1. Our Gathering. ... Just when will be the second coming of Jesus and our gathering take place?

Item no. CD-0132.   One audio bible study. 36 minutes long.

1. Before Man. ... Before man: Maybe I should say, before flesh man. What happened before then? What was going on? Were we in existence? What had taken place prior to man, (flesh man), having been set up on this earth?

Item no. CD-0122.   One audio bible study. 42 minutes long.

1. Where is Judas? ... Just Where is Judas? We're told by many preachers and teachers that Judas, (the one who betrayed Christ), didn't make it to heaven. What are we to believe? Let God's word speak and not man's.

Item no. CD-0128.   Two audio bible studies. 50 minutes long.

1. Cities in Heaven. ... Will there be cities in Heaven? Of course there will. I'm sure there'll be country living to.

2. Comfort Zone. ... Have you been away from home for a long time, homesick, feeling outta place, and when you return, things go better, sleep, etc. You're back in your comfort Zone. ... The God of all comfort. The Ultimate Comfort.

Item no. CD-0158.   One audio bible study. 40 minutes long.

1. The Wrath of God and The Two Witnesses. ... Chapter 16 of the book of Revelation describes The Wrath of God being poured upon the earth. How does that relate to chapter 11, and the two witnesses of God?

Item no. CD-0133.   One audio bible study. 40 minutes long.

1. The Bruisers. ... Bruisers: I looked up that word in Webster's dictionary. It stated, "A strong pugnacious man". So then I looked up the word pugnacious. It stated, "Eager and ready to fight". Think maybe the Bible may have something to say about those kind of people?

Item no. CD-0155.   Two audio bible studies. 50 minutes long.

1. The Reality of Jesus. ... Just some of the reasons I believe in Jesus Christ, (The Anointed One). There are many many prophecies of Jesus in the Old Testament. I chose just a few for this study.

2. Do It. ... Do it? Do what? Do what Jesus tells us to do. This command came not from God, the Father of Jesus, but from His mother Mary. ...... The power of a mother.

Item no. CD-0134.   One audio bible study. 40 minutes long.

1. Churches. ... I think the Bible verses here will give good indications of some of the problems encountered at not only the starting up of a church, but problems encountered even after initial startup.

Item no. CD-0139.   Two audio bible studies. 42 minutes long.

1. Feed My Sheep. ... Feed My sheep! Three times Jesus said this to Peter. Do you think maybe He was making sure the message got through?

2. Excuses Excuses. ... Blame someone else. Procrastination. What will this cost me? It's not my job. We can't do that. Too much trouble. I will, but. .... We have an old saying, "Boy, I've heard it all". I guess Jesus Truly has.

Item no. CD-0120.   One audio bible study. 52 minutes long.

1. Easy Out. ... Easy out: Everyone is looking for an easy out. An easy way out for something. Most everything that requires a little effort. O! Lord, give me an easy way out. The Bible has some stories about what happens when someone decides to take the easy way out.

Item no. CD-0124.   One audio bible study. 52 minutes long.

1. Satan Worship. ... Would you worship Satan? What is Satan worship? You might be surprised. What does Satan want? He wants to be worshiped as God.

Item no. CD-0130.   One audio bible study. 54 minutes long.

1. United States. January 2006. ... Just what condition is the United States in, spiritually, and how does God feel about it? This January of 2006.

Item no. CD-0150.   Three audio bible studies.  30 minutes long.

1. The Crucifixion. ... How many were crucified with Jesus? Do we really know?

2. The Temporary Time Zone. ... The temporary time zone. That's, what we're in. No matter where on the earth you are, you're still, in the temporary time zone.

3. The Rule of Life. ... The length of a person's life compared to a tape measure.

Item no. CD-0127.   One audio bible study. 59 minutes long.

1. There's A Battle Coming On. ... In a war, there are usually several battles. Then there's the climatic battle that ends the war. We've all heard of that battle, the big battle. The battle of Armageddon. We'll touch on that battle, but it will not be the main topic of this study.

Item no. CD-0136.   One audio bible study. 41 minutes long.

1. Life Test. ... In the manufacturing world, there's a testing. It's called a Life Test. It's done to find out how long something will last. Does God run some life test on us to see if we have and will retain what it takes to last forever?

Item no. CD-0125.   Two audio bible studies. 55 minutes long.

1. Keeping Records. ... The Bible clearly shows that God keeps a record on each of us as we journey through this flesh life. Ever wonder how He does that?

2. Straight A's In Love. ... Straight A's In Love: Sounds g-o-o-o-d, don't it? How would you like to make straight A's in Love? How would one go about making straight A's in Love?

Item no. CD-0131.   One audio bible study. 63 minutes long.

1. God's Footstool. ... God's footstool and how it relates to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Item no. CD-0141.   Three audio bible studies. 1 hour and 7 minutes long.

1. In The Beginning. ... I've put together some Bible verses that I feel describe some things that took place between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. Even some prior to Genesis 1:1.

2. How Big is a Spirit? ... How big is a spirit? Or maybe I should say, How little is a spirit? They're certainly big enough or small enough to get the job done.

3. GPS & GPS. ... Global Positioning System and God's Positioning System.


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